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Parents:  In a continuing effort to provide the best for your child and to meet our Vision and Mission Statement goals, we are seeking your input.  Please follow the link below and take a short Parent Survey.  Your thoughts and ideas are very important to us.  Thank-you.

Protect Your Children from Adult Advertising Messages

Are your children safe while online? Michigan families, especially minors, are becoming inundated with advertisements from alcohol, tobacco, pornography and gambling marketers through different internet and cell phone inboxes. Texting their advertisements is the newest marketing effort that many of these companies are using. Thankfully, the State of Michigan offers a free program to stop adult advertisements from reaching e-mails, mobile phones (text messaging ads) and instant messenger IDs. The Michigan Child Protection Registry, like the federal Do Not Call List, is a free do-not-contact service for Michigan’s families and schools and can be located at

 We would like to encourage you to sign your entire family up for the registry and inform your friends and colleagues about how they can protect children and families from unwanted adult advertising. To sign up only takes seconds. Just go to and keep your family safe.  


Click Here for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Michigan Child Protection Registery

Get The Facts about ENTEROVIRUS D68
Know the facts about this latest "flu" that is making its rounds and how best to protect you and your children. For a fact sheet and guide issued by the Genesee County Health Department, Click Here


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Accreditation is a process through which the Lacure staff meet a set of preconditions or standards necessary for quality education. Lacure Elementary has been accredited by North Central Association for the past 4 years.